Pro Bowl 2019/ Off season

It’s such an accomplishment making the Pro Bowl and Adam was selected by coaches, fans, and his teammates for a second year in a row. We just got back from Orlando (where the Pro Bowl is every year) a couple weeks ago and what a great time we had! It was a crazy turn around after the football season ended. We had Hudson and at only two weeks old our family was on a plane heading to Florida. Luckily my parents came with and helped out a lot while I was still healing and Adam was busy with practices and what not! We had so much fun going to Disney, Universal Studios, and spending a little time in the Sun. It was nice because my brother and SIL, Adam’s sister and family, and Adam’s parents also came to Florida for the week so they got to meet baby Hudson while he was still in that newborn stage. I was planning on taking both kids to the game but ended up not going due to heavy rain all day long. It was a messy game and Adam’s team (the NFC) lost but he still had fun playing! It was definitely tough with both kids but so worth it to be there supporting and cheering on Adam. This opportunity doesn’t happen for a lot of players and it could be Adam’s last time making it so we waned to make the trek as a family and enjoy the experience:)

Some photos below from our fun trip!

Once we got back from our trip Adam was off to the Super Bowl (in Atlanta) for 4 days with appearances among other things he had to attend. That left me with just the two boys for the first time. I was not ready to take on both yet lol! Luckily my mom spent those days with me and her and my dad helped out a bunch while I was still recovering/ getting adjusted to having to care for two kids. A lot of people say oh it must be nice having had Hudson during the “off season” so Adam could help more..those people obviously have no idea how actually busy the “off season is.” Yes, it was amazing having Adam home for the birth(not worrying if he’d miss it because of a game) and it is nice we get to have a little vacation as a family…but Adam is still super busy, if not more busy. He has daily workouts to do plus takes care of a lot of stuff that he doesn’t get to during football season…we also are part owners of a gym (ETS) so he is super busy with that. He also has trips he has to take and different appearances to go to.

We are heading to Miami next week for an NFL Christian conference that will last a few days and then we are staying in Orlando for a couple weeks. We have wanted to go to this conference for years but never found the time so we made it a priority to go this year (even though we are busier than ever with two little ones lol). We thought if we don’t go now we will just keep having excuses. We’ve heard great things and Adam and I can’t wait to connect with different Christian couples from around the league. It’s been a busy last few weeks and we are so ready to leave the snow for a bit and get a little R&R…I mean I’ll still be tired from night feedings but at least I’ll be getting some sun! We are bringing the boys to both Miami and Orlando. My parents are coming along to help which will be super nice. Adam’s parents will also be spending a week with us in Orlando. We rented an Airbnb and we don’t really have any plans as of now except to enjoy the sun and family time!

Adjusting to having these two at home with me and loving it! Asher is the best big bro!

Stay warm and dry everyone. I know I am hoping Spring will arrive early this year:)



First Thielen Foundation event!


I wanted to share a quick little update regarding our foundation and what’s happened in the last few weeks:)

I want to start off by sharing a bit from our second hospital visit a couple weeks ago. This time we went and visited the inpatient kids. I was a little nervous to see these kids and answer their questions, not knowing what all they would ask. The visit went SO well and they asked some great questions. One kid starting crying when he walked in the room to see Adam and I…obviously because he saw me;) (lol jk!). Most of these kids have been in and out of the hospital trying to improve. A few of them were even their last year and are back again. They say these kids are usually in for a week or two and then get released depending on how stable they are. They have nothing but a bed in their room. No curtains on the window or anything they could potentially harm themselves with. Some of these kids are in because of drug or abuse related problems. One of the teens spoke up and told us how thankful she is that we are doing this for the behavioral unit in the hospital. As she was talking it made me tear up because she was just so pumped and grateful that someone “like us” cares about them. We don't know what their home situation is like or what most these kids have and continue to go through so her statements really left a mark on me that I’ll remember forever. Visiting these kids really makes all the work/ events worth it knowing that the money will provide resources to better their lives and help them improve and reach their full potential.

We also hosted our first Thielen Foundation event at Top Golf. What an amazing night and turn out it was. We are so so thankful for all who support our foundation and are helping us make a difference in MN youth. Their are many pictures below you can scroll through from this incredible night. We will surely remember it forever and can't wait to see the difference the money donated from this event will have on these children. We already can’t wait for our next event (hopefully this summer) and to continue to do hospital visits and really make any difference we can. THANK YOU again for all who are supporting us and this cause.

December is insanely busy for us…not like I’m 9 months pregnant or anything lol. From family Christmas’s to Vikings games, to events and charity work…we have a lot going on. It’s all positive things which is great...I just get overwhelmed sometimes thinking about it all. And that’s why Adam’s motto, “Take it day by day,” is the perfect quote for me right not. Through our Foundation we are buying and wrapping presents for 10 families in need this Christmas through the Salvation Army. Last year I had 5 families on my own, which was a LOT to do by myself (and I can’t imagine doing that again and being pregnant) Luckily we’ve had amazing volunteers this year who have helped me buy and wrap. We had a fun little wrapping sesh last week, thank YOU again volunteers! In a little over a week we will host these families at the Vikings facility where we will give them a tour, have dinner for them, and open the gifts. We are thankful to God for giving us this platform to give back and help others!

Have an amazing weekend everyone and GO VIKES!



Hospital Visit

Since the launching of the Thielen Foundation, Adam and I had our first visit with the kids in the Behavioral Health out-patient unit! We saw about twenty one 12-21 year olds and about six 6-12 year olds. We sat in a circle and got to know them and we were vulnerable to allow them to ask us any questions they wanted! Of course, some questions were centered around football like “who is Adam’s favorite wide receiver?”  And “If you weren’t with the Vikings, what team would you want to play for?”  Things got real when someone asked why we wanted to support the Behavioral Health Unit?  It was such a sweet experience to enjoy a time of genuine curiosity and see the kids faces when both Adam and I talked about our struggles, tough times and how we dealt with it. 

Adam and I are not perfect and have had (and continue to have!) struggles just like some of these kids have. In both age groups the kids started off a little shy but as we got to talking they really started opening up and asking some great questions. We discussed social media bullying, ways to deal with anxiety and depression (i.e. working out, our family has a strong faith), and specific times where Adam and I have had to cope with our own personal issues. It was amazing to see the kids light up and to have some of the notes we've received from kids after that were too shy to speak about how much they loved it. 

It was wonderful to hear from the nurses how excited and thankful they are that someone is taking the time to come in and hang out and invest in these kids. The staff and the kids see these other units like cancer, disabilities, etc getting attention and people doing fun things for them and sometimes these behavioral kids/and staff feel neglected. Mental health is a very important aspect in our day-and-age and Adam and I are grateful to be able to shine a light and offer hope to many kids so they can reach their full potential. Adam offered autographed footballs, we took memory-lasting photos and gave each child a journal as a tool to guide them to a healthy and happy future.  As a family, we have certainly been blessed by our hospital visit last week and are already looking forward to another visit in the next few weeks!




The Thielen Foundation

The Thielen Foundation

Serving, educating, and inspiring those in need to achieve their full potential.


I’m sure many of you saw via social media but a couple of weeks ago my husband and I finally launched our foundation and we couldn’t be more excited! Since Adam has been in the NFL we have always talked about starting a foundation if able or to try and give back/ help the community any way we can! With Adam and I both growing up in Minnesota and now our children it’s so special and such a blessing we are able to help. We didn’t have a specific area we wanted to focus on we just both have a strong passion for children so we knew it had to involve them. When the behavioral unit came up on one of our visits to the U of M Health Masonic Childrens hospital and how they could use help in that area Adam and I both agreed that would be a great area to help! With mental/ emotional health being such a problem in the world today and with it sometimes being overlooked we thought we could help shine a spotlight on it and try and provide resources, hospital visits and more.

This has been a dream of Adam and I’s and we are ecstatic to get started. We are starting our weekly hospital visits to the children in the behavioral unit next week and are starting to plan our first big foundation event for Winter. Adam and I are both lucky to be in the position we are and we thank God for giving us this platform to help others and shine his light.

We couldn’t be more excited for our first partnership with this hospital and we also plan to continue to grow our foundation and impact as many lives as possible. Check out our website to learn more, stay up to date, and to give back…

Instagram- thielenfoundation

Facebook- The Thielen Foundation



Virginia/ Washington Trip

Hey everyone! I haven't kept you guys up to date on here as much as I've wanted. Timeout with MRS T is a spot to keep you guys up to date every other week or so on things happening in our life! We have been crazy busy this offseason from traveling, to sicknesses, to just not having time to type. We are actually going to be home the next few weeks due to Adam starting OTA's already (crazy!!!)...but it will be nice being home and not having to travel for awhile. I will definitely try and keep you guys posted on what we've been up to more throughout the next months:) 


This past weekend Adam and I went to Virginia to visit my brother and SIL in Roanoke, VA. I met up with Adam at the Washington airport on Thursday and we flew together to VA. Adam was coming from Atlanta because he was out there for a few days throwing with Kirk and playing some golf. Adam had a signing near Washington DC on Saturday so we kind of decided last minute to make a weekend out of it and visit my brother too. We've been meaning to get out to see them but didn't get to last year so we thought this was a good opportunity. We had Thursday afternoon with them at their home in Roanoke and all day Friday.  We went hiking up Mcafee Knob on Friday which was super fun. It was about 3.5 miles up and took us about 4 hours total (with a half hour lunch at the top). The view from the top was amazing, the pictures don't do it justice. We were beat after the hike so my brother made us dinner at their house and we relaxed, played a few games, and went to bed. We had to get up early Saturday morning to drive to Adams signing which was in Chantilly, VA. It was very nice of my brother and SIL to drive us (it was about a 3 hour drive). We had a plan to spend Saturday afternoon/ Sunday exploring as much of D.C. as we could before we flew out Sunday evening.

Adam's signing got done around 2pm and then we drove into the city and got checked into our hotel. All four of us shared a room since it's super expensive downtown DC and we knew we weren't going to be in our room that much! We set out to explore right away! That afternoon before dinner we saw the Washington monument, Lincoln memorial, Lincoln memorial reflecting pool, and the pretty cherry blossom tree's. We did a lot of walking in only a couple of hours ( my butt and legs were already soooo sore from the hike the day before). We had dinner at Mastro's steakhouse and it was seriously the best steak/ dinner we had all ever had. Yes, it was spendy but Adam got paid pretty good for his signing that day..lucky us!;) We hit up a couple unique bars after which was fun and then we went to bed!

Sunday we explored more, we saw the original Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights. We went to the Smithsonian museum which was really cool. Someone who Adam works out with had a connection with someone in the White House so he gave us their contact. We got in touch with someone and they set up a private West Wing tour which was so awesome. It was so cool to see the Oval office, the Situation room (actually we weren't aloud in and we could only see the door...this is where they made the decision on Osama Bin Laden), the Cabinet room, etc. Pretty cool stuff to see and it was definitely up their as the highlight of this trip. Adam and I flew out at 5pm that night and my brother and SIL drove home. It was such a quick, fun, and jam packed weekend! It was so fun to explore and doing it with family made it even more special! 

Little man was left with Gma and Gpa Graboski again and he had a great time...grandpa maybe snuck him a little too much chocolate though ;) They have been so helpful with all of our traveling, events, and last minute meetings...we are so blessed to have them close!


I hope everyone is staying warm and safe. I'm sure you all are ready for warmer weather just like our family!






Jamaica trip


Hey everyone! Hope your week is going great! I just wanted to fill all of you in on our recent trip to Jamaica and what we have coming up!

Adam and I went to Sandals South Coast, which is a nice all inclusive resort in Jamaica. We went to Sandals St Lucia for our honeymoon about 3 years ago and just loved the Sandals experience. I would definitely recommend the Sandals Grande in St Lucia. We booked this trip to Jamaica because we haven't been away just Adam and I for awhile. After every football season we try and do a little vacation to get away, relax, and get our minds off of everything. We missed our little Asher so much but it was nice to have hubby/wife time away. Grandma and grandpa watched Ash man for the week while we were away. He loves Gma and Gpa and they are sooo great with him. Everything went well and they all survived and thankfully are healthy/ safe.

A few pics from our trip are below..enjoy:)


Our friends Zach & Mckenzie and Josh & Brook met us in Jamaica. Zach played here with the Vikings for his first few years in the NFL so we became close with them! He is now with the Saints and we still stay in touch. They have two little girls so it was a great little break/ vacation for them after the football season as well. Adam's best man in our wedding, Josh and his wife Brook also came to Jamaica. They have been friends ever since they were young. We have stayed close with Brook and Josh and see them often when we are in Detroit Lakes. They also have a 8 month old boy, so it was nice for them to get away and relax for the week. We loved playing pool volleyball, walking along the beach, eating the pizza/ Jamaican jerk chicken, and trying out "special" drinks from the fun Sandals workers. One of my personal highlights was reading a full book lol, which I feel like I haven't done since having Asher;) Sitting on the beach, soaking up the sun and reading Karen Kingsbury..couldn't get much more relaxing and better than that. Overall it was a really fun and relaxing trip with Adam and with our friends, plus it was nice for all of us to get a break from the littles. 

We sure did miss Ash man and loved getting home to him and seeing that happy face. I'm not sure how I made it a week without him...I mean look at that face:)


We are super busy in the next coming weeks. We leave again for Florida next week for our ETS Performance & Business Summit. For those who don't know, Adam and I are part owners of the ETS gyms (ETS Thielen and ETS Next Level) (I can share more about the gyms in another post)... so we have a business trip in Orlando for that. We are bringing Asher this time because we don't want to leave him again and we want to take him somewhere warm. Luckily my mom is coming with to watch him during our business meetings/ dinners! We also don't want to leave him because the weekend we get back home from Florida, Adam and I have to leave again for the weekend to go to Las Vegas. Adam was asked to be apart of the NFLPA association meetings which he is excited about. We will be gone a few days and will not be bringing Asher, sniff sniff (Adam's sister will be in town to watch him). In April we will be going to Virginia for a signing Adam has...and my brother and SIL live out there so we will try and see them too. So we have a lot of traveling coming up but it's all good things. It's busy for us even in the offseason...but that's just how life goes. I'm just trying to roll with it and keep a positive attitude. It's definitely fun to travel but in my opinion I like being home (I'm a home body;)). Plus you have to pack/unpack which I'm not a huge fan of and with traveling comes sooo much laundry, ugh! I hope you all are having a great winter and are staying safe and having some fun moments along the way. Hopefully warmer weather is on the horizon in the next few months! 






Partnership with Schwan's

I was compensated by Schwan's® to create this post. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

This past month I partnered with a great food delivery company, Schwan's. This company is Minnesota- based, which our family loves (being from MN and all:). Schwan's offers high-quality food that is quick and easy to prepare at home. I truly have loved the meals I received, and they have all been very tasty, easy to make (especially with a little one running around), and overall healthy. Schwan's offers premium meats, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and a variety of yummy desserts. Another great feature I love is the delivery service. It's super easy to order online or through their mobile app. I was not home when they delivered my food so they left it on my porch in a big freezer bag (very convenient that you don't even have to be home) and the food was still frozen when I opened it! Asher was extra excited to help me unload our goodies from the Schwan's bag:)

Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins

- These were a big hit at our house. Adam and Asher were chowing on them. They are super nice for a side dish with some chicken or you could even make them as an appetizer for a party or when family is over. 

Family-Size Meat and Four Cheese Lasagna 

- This dish was such an easy and quick meal to make. After a long day it's nice to have something to just pop in the oven. I'm pretty sure Adam ate this whole thing lol! Asher and I only got small pieces. (Would definitely order again!) 


Ancient Grain Encrusted Fish with Citrus Sauce and Ancient Grain Encrusted Cod

- So this meal would be nice for me if Adam was out of town and I wanted a quick and complete meal. This would be good to take to work when you need a healthier, but still quick  meal to make. Asher loved the veggies too which is a plus. I also have had the Ancient Grain Encrusted Cod from Schwan's, and I prefer that for family mealtime. It comes with more fish and is super yummy.  The fish is delicious by itself or with sides. Whenever  I make fish I like to try different recipes. A big hit in our family is making fish tacos. Cook the fish and cut it up, then put it on a whole wheat wrap, add shredded cheese, lettuce, salsa, and guac. Another option to make would be fish salads. I make these at least once every month. All you need is lettuce, shredded cheese, sunflower seeds, cut up red bell peppers, craisins, the fish, and whatever dressing you prefer.  

Asparagus Spears and Crispy Taters

- Now that it is the offseason for Adam, I have to start making him breakfast and lunch again. For lunch the other day I made a chicken wrap with the asparagus and tater tots on the side. The Asparagus Spears were super easy to make and tasted good. Honestly, the Crispy Taters were one of my most favorite things from Schwan's. I love anything hash brown/ potatoes so to me these were some of my favorites! 


Roasted Baby Bakers


- In the past I have also gotten the Baby Bakers  from Schwan's. They are such a great side with a meal and super easy to make in the oven..and super good dipped in ketchup! Last week Asher had chicken nuggets and a side of the baby bakers. 







Signature Gold 'N' Nugit Bars

- I mean there is not much to say about these besides, YUM. These are sooooo good! We all love these bars at the Thielen house. If you are a health nut you can even split them between a couple people or your family like we did. It's a perfect post- dinner sweet treat:) 


Schwan's Tailgate Truck Tower

I had the opportunity to go to the Schwan's Tailgate Truck Tower yesterday at Super Bowl LIVE. It was so fun and a great experience. It was soooo cold but it was still a lot of fun. I played trivia, tried the different samples (chicken bites are a big thumbs up), and of course took some pictures. Adam braved the cold and came with me, which was super nice. It was fun to be there with him even thought he didn't help me with the trivia questions;) If you have time and are going out to Super Bowl LIVE, I suggest you check out this spot. The display of the Schwan's trucks were super cool and it really was a fun atmosphere. We have to embrace the cold, right?! There's not going to be very many times MN will host the Super Bowl again. Also, thanks to everyone who came out, it was great meeting you all!

Overall it was such a fun experience to partner with Schwan's and I loved getting to try some different meals. I'm excited to check out more of the site and find more meals for our family to try! I hope you all can check out the site and find some things that look good to you. 

*You can find many more yummy foods and meals at

*Visit and use the code YUM30 for 30% your first order with Schwan's!

On to the NFC Championship


Wow! What a crazy couple weeks it has been. From having the playoff bye weekend to this past weekends game, and with a last second win for the Vikings over the Saints...I think I'm still slightly in shock!



After the Bears game at home on Dec 31st the boys were lucky enough to have a bye week for the first round of the playoffs! Even when it's a bye week they of course still had practices most the week. was awesome for Adam to have Thurs-Sunday off. We had some much needed down time and family time (and momma running to the store alone's the little things;)). The last two weeks consisted of Timberwolves games, watching the first playoff games with teammates/friends, to play dates! This past Sundays game against the Saints crept up on us fast. 

What an emotional game it was. Leading at half time 17-0 and then the Saints making a comeback the second half. I was so nervous at the end of the game like I'm sure most of you were. I just felt they deserved to win this game. They are an unbelievable team and it would have been such a shame to lose at home like that. I was praying so hard in those last 5 minutes! I knew whatever happened was meant to be and it was in God's doing but I wanted them to win so badly. This year has been incredible not only for Adam but for the whole Vikings team. Some people take it negatively when I (or even the players) say that God had something to do with the way we won that game. I think they definitely wouldn't have won that game without having faith and God with them, and having his arms around each of the players. God is everywhere..he can be with the team as well as the girl battling cancer. And by me saying I prayed for them to win doesn't make me a bad person. I pray for many things.. for all those suffering, all those with cancer, those who are depressed, etc. but at that moment yes I was praying for a W. Faith and talking about the good Lord should be a good thing. And it shouldn't get played up as a bad thing when players/anyone is talking about how God helped them in any circumstance. Just a little rant but it really bugs me when there are negative comments involving religion. I personally think it should be talked about more in the media and more in general and I am SO proud of our players and this team for being bold to say those things. If you don't believe that is your chose and you can chose to ignore, but theres no need for negative comments. Be a light in this dark world! 

*Respost, Case Keenum- “It’s probably going to go down as the third best moment of my life: 1. The moment I gave my life to Jesus Christ 2. .... 3. And this one...”

*Adam Thielen interview after

I'm so proud of my husband and still in awe of him and some of the catches and plays he makes! Even though it's hard for me to watch him take the hits he does every game and yes, sometimes selfishly I wish he was done playing football for this year so he can rest. Seeing him barely able to walk Monday after the Saints game is not something I like to see or want to see in the future. He hurt his back pretty bad so hopefully this week he can rest a bit and be ready for the game Sunday. I ask for your continued prayers for safety for my husband as well as all the players out on the field. If he can get through a game healthy, let along through a whole season, it is a WIN in my book.


I'm really hoping for a Win Sunday in Philly, I know its going to be a tough one but I really think this is the Vikings year to be in the BOWL. How amazing would that be?!? ahh I can't even think about it. Which we don't think about in our house because as Adam says, "Gotta take one game at a time." As for me...I am taking it one day at a time trying to soak everything in! I'll be heading to Philly this Sunday and am so pumped for the game. Hope to see some Viking fans there. I hope you all have a great week, and SKOL!!




Goodbye 2017, Bring on 2018!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas spent with loved ones. 

We have had a busy last couple weeks. From Adam and the Vikings winning the NFC North, fun Christmas activities, and Adam finding out he made the Pro Bowl! With playoffs right around the corner we are defiantly hoping for a first round bye and home playoff games! 

The last few weeks I've been super busy buying and wrapping gifts. Last year we decided that each Christmas we would help out a couple families who can't afford to buy gifts. This year (with the Vikings help) we received 5 families from the Salvation Army to buy gifts for. FIVE families is a lot, especially when I'm doing all the work ordering/ finding gifts and trying to wrap them... all while watching my little man (nap times came in clutch). We got them all wrapped, loaded in the car, and took them to Winter Park for the families last Friday. All of the work was SO worth it. Seeing the kids faces when they saw all the gifts was priceless. Adam and I are so thankful we are able to give back to others in need. God has given us this platform and we want to use it for good as much as we can!

Adam played on Saturday night at Lambeau field in Green Bay, the day before Christmas Eve (luckily it wasn't on Christmas Eve like last year). I did not go...with it being a night game, 0 degrees, and right before Christmas. I was more than ok staying home with little man and watching the game in my nice warm bed lol;) I do love Lambeau and have been to two of Adam's games there a couple years back and it is such a fun environment to watch football! The Vikings came out with another win and are currently 12-3 with there last regular season game against the Bears this weekend! 

Christmas Eve morning Adam had a team lift, but then had the rest of the day and Christmas Day off, which was awesome! We went to church the afternoon of Christmas Eve with my parents and then we came back to our house, ate chili and opened gifts. Christmas Day we helped Asher open his gifts from "Santa" and then we went over to my parents and they cooked us a nice meal! With Adam's football schedule it makes it hard to travel anywhere for Holidays. It's super nice my parents live close so we have them to celebrate with (we celebrated with Adam's family a couple weeks ago). 

We are excited for 2018 and can't wait to see what exciting things lie ahead! I pray for good health, safety and many more fun family memories. We are hoping the Vikings continue to play well and maybe even make it to the Super Bowl!!! If not, we are so excited Adam was honored with his first Pro Bowl selection which is in Orlando this year. Only a couple receivers get picked each year so it's such an honor. It was near impossible for Adam to even make it to the NFL, and now to make the Pro Bow is just incredible. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for Adam and for our family! I wish you and your family a great 2018:)




Carolina trip!


Well we made it back from Carolina in one piece..and no sicknesses! We had such a great weekend in Charolette, and Asher did great on the trip. 

Asher hasn't flown since last Spring so I was a little nervous flying with him this time around because he's a lot more active. But he ended up doing great. Luckily he is a really content and good baby who doesn't fuss/cry too much. He slept a little on the flight there and home. Otherwise he was watching the iPad, eating snacks, or looking out the planes window (he really loved to look out the window). Tips I would give moms who are flying with a one year old would be to bring lots of snacks, change there diaper right before the flight (and hope he/she doesn't poop on the flight), download shows that will keep them entertained, and bring books/toys (things they normally love at home). 

I think we brought the MN weather with because it was a pretty cold weekend, especially for North Carolina. It was snowy/rainy Friday night and Saturday but luckily sunny and 40 for the game on Sunday (and our seats were in the sun so it felt way warmer). My brother and SIL met us at the hotel Friday night. They live in Virginia so it was only a couple hour drive for them. We ordered pizza and just hung out at the hotel that night...especially having a tired baby and not the greatest weather to go walk around in. Saturday we got to explore a little which was fun. We went to this great breakfast spot, called Amelie's French Bakery, which was super cute and had good food. We got a suggestion to go see these little Bears that sing Christmas songs every hour. It was so cute and Asher loved it. We walked around some more, looked at the different buildings, and all the Christmas decorations. We went to dinner with Adam Saturday night and then we were all pooped from walking around all day so we just hung out in the hotel and went to bed.

*Side note--It's definitely harder to do a lot when you have a baby with you. With nap schedules thrown off and just having them in a new environment... but Asher did so great this trip and luckily he is such a go with the flow type of kid! 

Sunday was gameday! Asher, my brother and I got to go on the field before the game to see Adam which was really cool. Adam loves to see Asher before each game and get his good luck kiss! Asher did better then I expected throughout the game. He mostly sat still the whole time and was clapping, eating, and watching everyone. I don't think he could have done any better. It was such a great game and the Vikings almost came back and won but couldn't pull it off in the end. Adam is overall healthy and he had a great game and I'm so proud of him. The scariest part of the game was seeing Adam drop down after his catch and grab his knee..for those who saw. It makes me want to throw up anytime I see him get even the slightest hurt...and grabbing his knee scared me even more (I've gone through a torn ACL and it is not fun). Luckily he is ok and he is getting treatment each day from the trainers, so he will be ready to go for this weekends game! Overall it was such a fun weekend, and it was even more special to be with family. I don't get to see my brother and SIL too much so it was great to be with them. Asher loved being with them too and he especially loved when Uncle would lift him up to fly!


Adam was in good spirits after the game (Asher helps make anyone instantly happier) and the team is ready to start a new win streak! I've loved traveling to the last two away games and wish I could be at every single one, but with having kids it makes it a lot harder. It'd definitely a lot more relaxing being home. It's way easier to wait for Adam to get back (the team flies home right after games which is super nice). Adam knows we are with him in spirit and are supporting him 100% whether we are there at the game or at home watching and cheering for him on tv! I hope you all have a great week and GO VIKES!





Girls Atlanta trip!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! Me and two of my friends (who I've known since middle school) and my mom made a quick one night trip to Atlanta for the Vikings game! 

I was super excited about this trip #1 because I haven't been to an away game in two years and #2 I haven't gotten away for the night by myself for along time! I wanted it to be a quick trip where I'd only be gone one night but could still have a good time and obviously go to the Vikings game. We flew out at 11am Saturday and returned Sunday night after the game and were home by about 10pm. My dad volunteered to watch Asher, which was so nice of him. Asher just loves my dad and vice versa so I know they had a great time and they are both alive and doing well (besides my dad being tired from chasing little man);)  Even though I knew I'd miss Asher (I miss him even when I'm gone a couple hours lol) it really was nice to have a little away time!

Sooo now that you know how excited I was to go on this trip let me tell you what really went down... 

We got to the hotel around 3:30 and sat around in the lobby for awhile waiting for Adam to get there (we were planning to go to dinner with him). Adam and the team got to the hotel around 5 and then we all went to dinner together. Adam had chapel and meetings at 7 so he left and us girls went to the mall right by our hotel and walked around for a couple hours, which was a lot of fun. That's pretty much all we did that night, besides getting back to the room and watching the Grinch on tv (lol nothing too exciting I know..except I do love the grinch). Anyways, ever since the mall my stomach had been feeling super weird. Adam came to say goodnight around 9:30 and by that time I was not feeling good at all. That night was awful you guys! I was up every half hour throwing up, no joke! I know I didn't have food poising because I had shared stuff with my friends throughout the day. And it obviously wasn't alcohol because I only had one glass of wine at dinner. I had gotten the 24 hour flu...and I got it bad. I was up all night which means my mom and friends were too because they could hear me all night. Of course the one weekend I wanted to just relax and have some fun with my friends and enjoy Adams game...and I get sick (but hey thats life, shi* happens)!!! 

So the next day was Sunday, game day. I was not going to miss Adam's game no matter how crappy I felt. I hadn't thrown up since about 5:30 that morning but my stomach was still not ok plus I was so weak and tired from not sleeping all night. I honestly would have stayed in bed all day if it wasn't for our flight being right after the game... plus I really wanted to see the new stadium in Atlanta and watch my hubby play. So I sucked it up and with the help of my great friends and mom (theres nothing like your mom when your sick right?!) we went to the game. I ate a few crackers when we got to the stadium and drank some ginger ale. I was fine throughout the game, definitely not my best and definitely not somewhere I'd wanna be after a night like that, but it was still fun and I tried to make the most out of the situation. Well it ended being a great game and most importantly the Vikes came out with a WIN and Adam was safe! We had a few other uh oh moments throughout this trip from sketchy gas stations, losing wallets (but then finding them), and wrong turns but overall it will be a trip to remember. I'm glad my friends still had fun and I wish I could have been more cheery with them but we still had quite a few laughs and experiences that made the trip worth it. I'm feeling much better today and pretty much back to myself. This weekend we will be heading to another away game in Carolina, this time with little Ash man coming along (this will be his first away game so I'm super excited..even though it will be a lot of work)! My brother and sister in law lives only a couple hours from Carolina so it will be great to see him. My parents are also coming along so it will be nice to have the help. Here's to hoping this trip goes a little smoother for me! MAKE it a great week everyone and gooooo Vikes!



"Thielen" Thankful

                   Asher last Thanksgiving..1 1/2 months old!

                   Asher last Thanksgiving..1 1/2 months old!

Happy week of Thanksgiving everyone and welcome to my first TIMEOUT post! I am excited to have this as well as my main blog because it's a good way to check in with me. The main goal of this is to share a little about whats going on with our family each week, share some advice, and other fun things! I will still be doing my longer posts just not every week like I will with these! 

With it being Thanksgiving in a couple of days I want to share a little about why I am thankful, not just this week, not just on Thanksgiving, but everyday. I really make it a goal to be thankful each day, so every morning and night I pray and say what I'm thankful for. I thank God for simple things in life... things like having a roof over my head, for my health/safety, and for great family/friends in our life. I'm thankful for a God who loves us unconditionally. I'm thankful for my wonderful husband and son, and for there health and happiness... I am truly thankful God chose them to be in my life. Our family has been blessed and we may have more than others... but everything is not perfect in our lives and we have tough times just like everyone else. I am thankful for the bad and good times we've experienced because they have taught us valuable lessons. I pray that any of you who are going through a difficult time to just stop and think about what you are thankful for (and don't say nothing because there's always something), whether big or small. I really do think it's so important to be thankful not just on Thanksgiving but everyday! I do love Christmas and yes sometimes I wish we could skip to it but I am also so glad there is a Holiday where people can pause for one day and think about how much they really do have. 

Anyone have any big Thanksgiving plans? Our Holidays have been a little different since Adam has been in the NFL. He usually is either playing or has getting together with family can be difficult. Last year Adam played on almost every Holiday including Thanksgiving, Halloween, Christmas Eve,and New Years Eve. His game falls on Thanksgiving again this year which kind of stinks but is also a blessing that he even gets to play the game he loves in front thousands of people. The game is at Detroit and luckily he flies home right after so we should have him back by 7pm (giving him just enough time to give Ash man a good night kiss before bed and then snuggle with his awesome wife;)). Asher and I will be having turkey and all the yummy sides with my parents, who thankfully live close to us...and just like last year I will save a BIG plate for Adam for when het gets home:) I hope you all have a wonderful, happy, and thankful Thanksgiving and get to spend it with family/loved ones!

                                                 "Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever." - Psalm 107:1   xoxo,  MRS T

                                                "Give thanks to the Lord for he is good. His love endures forever." - Psalm 107:1