Pro Bowl 2019/ Off season

It’s such an accomplishment making the Pro Bowl and Adam was selected by coaches, fans, and his teammates for a second year in a row. We just got back from Orlando (where the Pro Bowl is every year) a couple weeks ago and what a great time we had! It was a crazy turn around after the football season ended. We had Hudson and at only two weeks old our family was on a plane heading to Florida. Luckily my parents came with and helped out a lot while I was still healing and Adam was busy with practices and what not! We had so much fun going to Disney, Universal Studios, and spending a little time in the Sun. It was nice because my brother and SIL, Adam’s sister and family, and Adam’s parents also came to Florida for the week so they got to meet baby Hudson while he was still in that newborn stage. I was planning on taking both kids to the game but ended up not going due to heavy rain all day long. It was a messy game and Adam’s team (the NFC) lost but he still had fun playing! It was definitely tough with both kids but so worth it to be there supporting and cheering on Adam. This opportunity doesn’t happen for a lot of players and it could be Adam’s last time making it so we waned to make the trek as a family and enjoy the experience:)

Some photos below from our fun trip!

Once we got back from our trip Adam was off to the Super Bowl (in Atlanta) for 4 days with appearances among other things he had to attend. That left me with just the two boys for the first time. I was not ready to take on both yet lol! Luckily my mom spent those days with me and her and my dad helped out a bunch while I was still recovering/ getting adjusted to having to care for two kids. A lot of people say oh it must be nice having had Hudson during the “off season” so Adam could help more..those people obviously have no idea how actually busy the “off season is.” Yes, it was amazing having Adam home for the birth(not worrying if he’d miss it because of a game) and it is nice we get to have a little vacation as a family…but Adam is still super busy, if not more busy. He has daily workouts to do plus takes care of a lot of stuff that he doesn’t get to during football season…we also are part owners of a gym (ETS) so he is super busy with that. He also has trips he has to take and different appearances to go to.

We are heading to Miami next week for an NFL Christian conference that will last a few days and then we are staying in Orlando for a couple weeks. We have wanted to go to this conference for years but never found the time so we made it a priority to go this year (even though we are busier than ever with two little ones lol). We thought if we don’t go now we will just keep having excuses. We’ve heard great things and Adam and I can’t wait to connect with different Christian couples from around the league. It’s been a busy last few weeks and we are so ready to leave the snow for a bit and get a little R&R…I mean I’ll still be tired from night feedings but at least I’ll be getting some sun! We are bringing the boys to both Miami and Orlando. My parents are coming along to help which will be super nice. Adam’s parents will also be spending a week with us in Orlando. We rented an Airbnb and we don’t really have any plans as of now except to enjoy the sun and family time!

Adjusting to having these two at home with me and loving it! Asher is the best big bro!

Stay warm and dry everyone. I know I am hoping Spring will arrive early this year:)