Virginia/ Washington Trip

Hey everyone! I haven't kept you guys up to date on here as much as I've wanted. Timeout with MRS T is a spot to keep you guys up to date every other week or so on things happening in our life! We have been crazy busy this offseason from traveling, to sicknesses, to just not having time to type. We are actually going to be home the next few weeks due to Adam starting OTA's already (crazy!!!)...but it will be nice being home and not having to travel for awhile. I will definitely try and keep you guys posted on what we've been up to more throughout the next months:) 


This past weekend Adam and I went to Virginia to visit my brother and SIL in Roanoke, VA. I met up with Adam at the Washington airport on Thursday and we flew together to VA. Adam was coming from Atlanta because he was out there for a few days throwing with Kirk and playing some golf. Adam had a signing near Washington DC on Saturday so we kind of decided last minute to make a weekend out of it and visit my brother too. We've been meaning to get out to see them but didn't get to last year so we thought this was a good opportunity. We had Thursday afternoon with them at their home in Roanoke and all day Friday.  We went hiking up Mcafee Knob on Friday which was super fun. It was about 3.5 miles up and took us about 4 hours total (with a half hour lunch at the top). The view from the top was amazing, the pictures don't do it justice. We were beat after the hike so my brother made us dinner at their house and we relaxed, played a few games, and went to bed. We had to get up early Saturday morning to drive to Adams signing which was in Chantilly, VA. It was very nice of my brother and SIL to drive us (it was about a 3 hour drive). We had a plan to spend Saturday afternoon/ Sunday exploring as much of D.C. as we could before we flew out Sunday evening.

Adam's signing got done around 2pm and then we drove into the city and got checked into our hotel. All four of us shared a room since it's super expensive downtown DC and we knew we weren't going to be in our room that much! We set out to explore right away! That afternoon before dinner we saw the Washington monument, Lincoln memorial, Lincoln memorial reflecting pool, and the pretty cherry blossom tree's. We did a lot of walking in only a couple of hours ( my butt and legs were already soooo sore from the hike the day before). We had dinner at Mastro's steakhouse and it was seriously the best steak/ dinner we had all ever had. Yes, it was spendy but Adam got paid pretty good for his signing that day..lucky us!;) We hit up a couple unique bars after which was fun and then we went to bed!

Sunday we explored more, we saw the original Declaration of Independence, and Bill of Rights. We went to the Smithsonian museum which was really cool. Someone who Adam works out with had a connection with someone in the White House so he gave us their contact. We got in touch with someone and they set up a private West Wing tour which was so awesome. It was so cool to see the Oval office, the Situation room (actually we weren't aloud in and we could only see the door...this is where they made the decision on Osama Bin Laden), the Cabinet room, etc. Pretty cool stuff to see and it was definitely up their as the highlight of this trip. Adam and I flew out at 5pm that night and my brother and SIL drove home. It was such a quick, fun, and jam packed weekend! It was so fun to explore and doing it with family made it even more special! 

Little man was left with Gma and Gpa Graboski again and he had a great time...grandpa maybe snuck him a little too much chocolate though ;) They have been so helpful with all of our traveling, events, and last minute meetings...we are so blessed to have them close!


I hope everyone is staying warm and safe. I'm sure you all are ready for warmer weather just like our family!