Goodbye 2017, Bring on 2018!

Happy Holidays everyone! I hope you all had a great Christmas spent with loved ones. 

We have had a busy last couple weeks. From Adam and the Vikings winning the NFC North, fun Christmas activities, and Adam finding out he made the Pro Bowl! With playoffs right around the corner we are defiantly hoping for a first round bye and home playoff games! 

The last few weeks I've been super busy buying and wrapping gifts. Last year we decided that each Christmas we would help out a couple families who can't afford to buy gifts. This year (with the Vikings help) we received 5 families from the Salvation Army to buy gifts for. FIVE families is a lot, especially when I'm doing all the work ordering/ finding gifts and trying to wrap them... all while watching my little man (nap times came in clutch). We got them all wrapped, loaded in the car, and took them to Winter Park for the families last Friday. All of the work was SO worth it. Seeing the kids faces when they saw all the gifts was priceless. Adam and I are so thankful we are able to give back to others in need. God has given us this platform and we want to use it for good as much as we can!

Adam played on Saturday night at Lambeau field in Green Bay, the day before Christmas Eve (luckily it wasn't on Christmas Eve like last year). I did not go...with it being a night game, 0 degrees, and right before Christmas. I was more than ok staying home with little man and watching the game in my nice warm bed lol;) I do love Lambeau and have been to two of Adam's games there a couple years back and it is such a fun environment to watch football! The Vikings came out with another win and are currently 12-3 with there last regular season game against the Bears this weekend! 

Christmas Eve morning Adam had a team lift, but then had the rest of the day and Christmas Day off, which was awesome! We went to church the afternoon of Christmas Eve with my parents and then we came back to our house, ate chili and opened gifts. Christmas Day we helped Asher open his gifts from "Santa" and then we went over to my parents and they cooked us a nice meal! With Adam's football schedule it makes it hard to travel anywhere for Holidays. It's super nice my parents live close so we have them to celebrate with (we celebrated with Adam's family a couple weeks ago). 

We are excited for 2018 and can't wait to see what exciting things lie ahead! I pray for good health, safety and many more fun family memories. We are hoping the Vikings continue to play well and maybe even make it to the Super Bowl!!! If not, we are so excited Adam was honored with his first Pro Bowl selection which is in Orlando this year. Only a couple receivers get picked each year so it's such an honor. It was near impossible for Adam to even make it to the NFL, and now to make the Pro Bow is just incredible. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers for Adam and for our family! I wish you and your family a great 2018:)