Partnership with Schwan's

I was compensated by Schwan's® to create this post. All opinions expressed are completely my own.

This past month I partnered with a great food delivery company, Schwan's. This company is Minnesota- based, which our family loves (being from MN and all:). Schwan's offers high-quality food that is quick and easy to prepare at home. I truly have loved the meals I received, and they have all been very tasty, easy to make (especially with a little one running around), and overall healthy. Schwan's offers premium meats, fruits, vegetables, seafood, and a variety of yummy desserts. Another great feature I love is the delivery service. It's super easy to order online or through their mobile app. I was not home when they delivered my food so they left it on my porch in a big freezer bag (very convenient that you don't even have to be home) and the food was still frozen when I opened it! Asher was extra excited to help me unload our goodies from the Schwan's bag:)

Cheddar and Bacon Potato Skins

- These were a big hit at our house. Adam and Asher were chowing on them. They are super nice for a side dish with some chicken or you could even make them as an appetizer for a party or when family is over. 

Family-Size Meat and Four Cheese Lasagna 

- This dish was such an easy and quick meal to make. After a long day it's nice to have something to just pop in the oven. I'm pretty sure Adam ate this whole thing lol! Asher and I only got small pieces. (Would definitely order again!) 


Ancient Grain Encrusted Fish with Citrus Sauce and Ancient Grain Encrusted Cod

- So this meal would be nice for me if Adam was out of town and I wanted a quick and complete meal. This would be good to take to work when you need a healthier, but still quick  meal to make. Asher loved the veggies too which is a plus. I also have had the Ancient Grain Encrusted Cod from Schwan's, and I prefer that for family mealtime. It comes with more fish and is super yummy.  The fish is delicious by itself or with sides. Whenever  I make fish I like to try different recipes. A big hit in our family is making fish tacos. Cook the fish and cut it up, then put it on a whole wheat wrap, add shredded cheese, lettuce, salsa, and guac. Another option to make would be fish salads. I make these at least once every month. All you need is lettuce, shredded cheese, sunflower seeds, cut up red bell peppers, craisins, the fish, and whatever dressing you prefer.  

Asparagus Spears and Crispy Taters

- Now that it is the offseason for Adam, I have to start making him breakfast and lunch again. For lunch the other day I made a chicken wrap with the asparagus and tater tots on the side. The Asparagus Spears were super easy to make and tasted good. Honestly, the Crispy Taters were one of my most favorite things from Schwan's. I love anything hash brown/ potatoes so to me these were some of my favorites! 


Roasted Baby Bakers


- In the past I have also gotten the Baby Bakers  from Schwan's. They are such a great side with a meal and super easy to make in the oven..and super good dipped in ketchup! Last week Asher had chicken nuggets and a side of the baby bakers. 







Signature Gold 'N' Nugit Bars

- I mean there is not much to say about these besides, YUM. These are sooooo good! We all love these bars at the Thielen house. If you are a health nut you can even split them between a couple people or your family like we did. It's a perfect post- dinner sweet treat:) 


Schwan's Tailgate Truck Tower

I had the opportunity to go to the Schwan's Tailgate Truck Tower yesterday at Super Bowl LIVE. It was so fun and a great experience. It was soooo cold but it was still a lot of fun. I played trivia, tried the different samples (chicken bites are a big thumbs up), and of course took some pictures. Adam braved the cold and came with me, which was super nice. It was fun to be there with him even thought he didn't help me with the trivia questions;) If you have time and are going out to Super Bowl LIVE, I suggest you check out this spot. The display of the Schwan's trucks were super cool and it really was a fun atmosphere. We have to embrace the cold, right?! There's not going to be very many times MN will host the Super Bowl again. Also, thanks to everyone who came out, it was great meeting you all!

Overall it was such a fun experience to partner with Schwan's and I loved getting to try some different meals. I'm excited to check out more of the site and find more meals for our family to try! I hope you all can check out the site and find some things that look good to you. 

*You can find many more yummy foods and meals at

*Visit and use the code YUM30 for 30% your first order with Schwan's!