First Thielen Foundation event!


I wanted to share a quick little update regarding our foundation and what’s happened in the last few weeks:)

I want to start off by sharing a bit from our second hospital visit a couple weeks ago. This time we went and visited the inpatient kids. I was a little nervous to see these kids and answer their questions, not knowing what all they would ask. The visit went SO well and they asked some great questions. One kid starting crying when he walked in the room to see Adam and I…obviously because he saw me;) (lol jk!). Most of these kids have been in and out of the hospital trying to improve. A few of them were even their last year and are back again. They say these kids are usually in for a week or two and then get released depending on how stable they are. They have nothing but a bed in their room. No curtains on the window or anything they could potentially harm themselves with. Some of these kids are in because of drug or abuse related problems. One of the teens spoke up and told us how thankful she is that we are doing this for the behavioral unit in the hospital. As she was talking it made me tear up because she was just so pumped and grateful that someone “like us” cares about them. We don't know what their home situation is like or what most these kids have and continue to go through so her statements really left a mark on me that I’ll remember forever. Visiting these kids really makes all the work/ events worth it knowing that the money will provide resources to better their lives and help them improve and reach their full potential.

We also hosted our first Thielen Foundation event at Top Golf. What an amazing night and turn out it was. We are so so thankful for all who support our foundation and are helping us make a difference in MN youth. Their are many pictures below you can scroll through from this incredible night. We will surely remember it forever and can't wait to see the difference the money donated from this event will have on these children. We already can’t wait for our next event (hopefully this summer) and to continue to do hospital visits and really make any difference we can. THANK YOU again for all who are supporting us and this cause.

December is insanely busy for us…not like I’m 9 months pregnant or anything lol. From family Christmas’s to Vikings games, to events and charity work…we have a lot going on. It’s all positive things which is great...I just get overwhelmed sometimes thinking about it all. And that’s why Adam’s motto, “Take it day by day,” is the perfect quote for me right not. Through our Foundation we are buying and wrapping presents for 10 families in need this Christmas through the Salvation Army. Last year I had 5 families on my own, which was a LOT to do by myself (and I can’t imagine doing that again and being pregnant) Luckily we’ve had amazing volunteers this year who have helped me buy and wrap. We had a fun little wrapping sesh last week, thank YOU again volunteers! In a little over a week we will host these families at the Vikings facility where we will give them a tour, have dinner for them, and open the gifts. We are thankful to God for giving us this platform to give back and help others!

Have an amazing weekend everyone and GO VIKES!