Carolina trip!


Well we made it back from Carolina in one piece..and no sicknesses! We had such a great weekend in Charolette, and Asher did great on the trip. 

Asher hasn't flown since last Spring so I was a little nervous flying with him this time around because he's a lot more active. But he ended up doing great. Luckily he is a really content and good baby who doesn't fuss/cry too much. He slept a little on the flight there and home. Otherwise he was watching the iPad, eating snacks, or looking out the planes window (he really loved to look out the window). Tips I would give moms who are flying with a one year old would be to bring lots of snacks, change there diaper right before the flight (and hope he/she doesn't poop on the flight), download shows that will keep them entertained, and bring books/toys (things they normally love at home). 

I think we brought the MN weather with because it was a pretty cold weekend, especially for North Carolina. It was snowy/rainy Friday night and Saturday but luckily sunny and 40 for the game on Sunday (and our seats were in the sun so it felt way warmer). My brother and SIL met us at the hotel Friday night. They live in Virginia so it was only a couple hour drive for them. We ordered pizza and just hung out at the hotel that night...especially having a tired baby and not the greatest weather to go walk around in. Saturday we got to explore a little which was fun. We went to this great breakfast spot, called Amelie's French Bakery, which was super cute and had good food. We got a suggestion to go see these little Bears that sing Christmas songs every hour. It was so cute and Asher loved it. We walked around some more, looked at the different buildings, and all the Christmas decorations. We went to dinner with Adam Saturday night and then we were all pooped from walking around all day so we just hung out in the hotel and went to bed.

*Side note--It's definitely harder to do a lot when you have a baby with you. With nap schedules thrown off and just having them in a new environment... but Asher did so great this trip and luckily he is such a go with the flow type of kid! 

Sunday was gameday! Asher, my brother and I got to go on the field before the game to see Adam which was really cool. Adam loves to see Asher before each game and get his good luck kiss! Asher did better then I expected throughout the game. He mostly sat still the whole time and was clapping, eating, and watching everyone. I don't think he could have done any better. It was such a great game and the Vikings almost came back and won but couldn't pull it off in the end. Adam is overall healthy and he had a great game and I'm so proud of him. The scariest part of the game was seeing Adam drop down after his catch and grab his knee..for those who saw. It makes me want to throw up anytime I see him get even the slightest hurt...and grabbing his knee scared me even more (I've gone through a torn ACL and it is not fun). Luckily he is ok and he is getting treatment each day from the trainers, so he will be ready to go for this weekends game! Overall it was such a fun weekend, and it was even more special to be with family. I don't get to see my brother and SIL too much so it was great to be with them. Asher loved being with them too and he especially loved when Uncle would lift him up to fly!


Adam was in good spirits after the game (Asher helps make anyone instantly happier) and the team is ready to start a new win streak! I've loved traveling to the last two away games and wish I could be at every single one, but with having kids it makes it a lot harder. It'd definitely a lot more relaxing being home. It's way easier to wait for Adam to get back (the team flies home right after games which is super nice). Adam knows we are with him in spirit and are supporting him 100% whether we are there at the game or at home watching and cheering for him on tv! I hope you all have a great week and GO VIKES!