Girls Atlanta trip!

Hi everyone, I hope you all had a great weekend! Me and two of my friends (who I've known since middle school) and my mom made a quick one night trip to Atlanta for the Vikings game! 

I was super excited about this trip #1 because I haven't been to an away game in two years and #2 I haven't gotten away for the night by myself for along time! I wanted it to be a quick trip where I'd only be gone one night but could still have a good time and obviously go to the Vikings game. We flew out at 11am Saturday and returned Sunday night after the game and were home by about 10pm. My dad volunteered to watch Asher, which was so nice of him. Asher just loves my dad and vice versa so I know they had a great time and they are both alive and doing well (besides my dad being tired from chasing little man);)  Even though I knew I'd miss Asher (I miss him even when I'm gone a couple hours lol) it really was nice to have a little away time!

Sooo now that you know how excited I was to go on this trip let me tell you what really went down... 

We got to the hotel around 3:30 and sat around in the lobby for awhile waiting for Adam to get there (we were planning to go to dinner with him). Adam and the team got to the hotel around 5 and then we all went to dinner together. Adam had chapel and meetings at 7 so he left and us girls went to the mall right by our hotel and walked around for a couple hours, which was a lot of fun. That's pretty much all we did that night, besides getting back to the room and watching the Grinch on tv (lol nothing too exciting I know..except I do love the grinch). Anyways, ever since the mall my stomach had been feeling super weird. Adam came to say goodnight around 9:30 and by that time I was not feeling good at all. That night was awful you guys! I was up every half hour throwing up, no joke! I know I didn't have food poising because I had shared stuff with my friends throughout the day. And it obviously wasn't alcohol because I only had one glass of wine at dinner. I had gotten the 24 hour flu...and I got it bad. I was up all night which means my mom and friends were too because they could hear me all night. Of course the one weekend I wanted to just relax and have some fun with my friends and enjoy Adams game...and I get sick (but hey thats life, shi* happens)!!! 

So the next day was Sunday, game day. I was not going to miss Adam's game no matter how crappy I felt. I hadn't thrown up since about 5:30 that morning but my stomach was still not ok plus I was so weak and tired from not sleeping all night. I honestly would have stayed in bed all day if it wasn't for our flight being right after the game... plus I really wanted to see the new stadium in Atlanta and watch my hubby play. So I sucked it up and with the help of my great friends and mom (theres nothing like your mom when your sick right?!) we went to the game. I ate a few crackers when we got to the stadium and drank some ginger ale. I was fine throughout the game, definitely not my best and definitely not somewhere I'd wanna be after a night like that, but it was still fun and I tried to make the most out of the situation. Well it ended being a great game and most importantly the Vikes came out with a WIN and Adam was safe! We had a few other uh oh moments throughout this trip from sketchy gas stations, losing wallets (but then finding them), and wrong turns but overall it will be a trip to remember. I'm glad my friends still had fun and I wish I could have been more cheery with them but we still had quite a few laughs and experiences that made the trip worth it. I'm feeling much better today and pretty much back to myself. This weekend we will be heading to another away game in Carolina, this time with little Ash man coming along (this will be his first away game so I'm super excited..even though it will be a lot of work)! My brother and sister in law lives only a couple hours from Carolina so it will be great to see him. My parents are also coming along so it will be nice to have the help. Here's to hoping this trip goes a little smoother for me! MAKE it a great week everyone and gooooo Vikes!