On to the NFC Championship


Wow! What a crazy couple weeks it has been. From having the playoff bye weekend to this past weekends game, and with a last second win for the Vikings over the Saints...I think I'm still slightly in shock!



After the Bears game at home on Dec 31st the boys were lucky enough to have a bye week for the first round of the playoffs! Even when it's a bye week they of course still had practices most the week. But...it was awesome for Adam to have Thurs-Sunday off. We had some much needed down time and family time (and momma running to the store alone time..it's the little things;)). The last two weeks consisted of Timberwolves games, watching the first playoff games with teammates/friends, to play dates! This past Sundays game against the Saints crept up on us fast. 

What an emotional game it was. Leading at half time 17-0 and then the Saints making a comeback the second half. I was so nervous at the end of the game like I'm sure most of you were. I just felt they deserved to win this game. They are an unbelievable team and it would have been such a shame to lose at home like that. I was praying so hard in those last 5 minutes! I knew whatever happened was meant to be and it was in God's doing but I wanted them to win so badly. This year has been incredible not only for Adam but for the whole Vikings team. Some people take it negatively when I (or even the players) say that God had something to do with the way we won that game. I think they definitely wouldn't have won that game without having faith and God with them, and having his arms around each of the players. God is everywhere..he can be with the team as well as the girl battling cancer. And by me saying I prayed for them to win doesn't make me a bad person. I pray for many things.. for all those suffering, all those with cancer, those who are depressed, etc. but at that moment yes I was praying for a W. Faith and talking about the good Lord should be a good thing. And it shouldn't get played up as a bad thing when players/anyone is talking about how God helped them in any circumstance. Just a little rant but it really bugs me when there are negative comments involving religion. I personally think it should be talked about more in the media and more in general and I am SO proud of our players and this team for being bold to say those things. If you don't believe that is your chose and you can chose to ignore, but theres no need for negative comments. Be a light in this dark world! 

*Respost, Case Keenum- “It’s probably going to go down as the third best moment of my life: 1. The moment I gave my life to Jesus Christ 2. .... 3. And this one...”

*Adam Thielen interview after

I'm so proud of my husband and still in awe of him and some of the catches and plays he makes! Even though it's hard for me to watch him take the hits he does every game and yes, sometimes selfishly I wish he was done playing football for this year so he can rest. Seeing him barely able to walk Monday after the Saints game is not something I like to see or want to see in the future. He hurt his back pretty bad so hopefully this week he can rest a bit and be ready for the game Sunday. I ask for your continued prayers for safety for my husband as well as all the players out on the field. If he can get through a game healthy, let along through a whole season, it is a WIN in my book.


I'm really hoping for a Win Sunday in Philly, I know its going to be a tough one but I really think this is the Vikings year to be in the BOWL. How amazing would that be?!? ahh I can't even think about it. Which we don't think about in our house because as Adam says, "Gotta take one game at a time." As for me...I am taking it one day at a time trying to soak everything in! I'll be heading to Philly this Sunday and am so pumped for the game. Hope to see some Viking fans there. I hope you all have a great week, and SKOL!!