Fitness with MRS T

I want to start off this post by saying that I am in know way any expert on fitness. These workouts and tips I will be sharing are my own personal thoughts and opinions of what I like. I am definately not the fittest or most ripped woman, but I do love to work out and always have. I am not perfect, and I indulge just like everyone else..I eat candy, chocolate, and chips & salsa, etc! We all have cravings...everything is moderation right?! Fitness has always been and still is a big passion of mine and a big stress reliever for me. I love getting time for just myself to let off some steam and I love the way I feel after a good workout. Adam thinks I'm crazy because I hate missing a day of working out. I obviously take a day off a week but otherwise it's like an addiction for me to go everyday. It just helps me feel so good and more energized!

Growing up I've always loved working out. I think it was kind of installed in me. My parents work out at 5:30am pretty much every day of the week and are in great shape. Me and my brothers take after them because we all are super into fitness. I did dance, soccer, and basketball growing up. I've played soccer since I was 5 years old all the way up through college, so cardio has always been a passion of mine. I was never the fastest player in soccer but I could last a full 90 minute game jogging around. So I'm going to start with some of my fav cardio workouts! I also think it's super important to switch up your workouts and do a variety of things. Not only does it get boring doing the same exercises, but you are also just using the same muscles everytime. 

*Cardio, lifting, and yoga are the main workouts I like to do...and a C9 or hot sculpt class every once in awhile. I vary my lifting and cardio workouts week to week, but below is an example of a typical week of working out for me...

Monday- Treadmill sprint workout for 20 minutes. Lift lower body 30 minutes

Tuesday- Stair stepper 10 minutes, elliptical 20 minutes, lift upper body 30 minutes

Wednesday- Run 4 miles 

Thursday- Sprint workout 10 minutes, yoga class 45min-1 hour

Friday- 10 min elliptical, 10 min sprints, lift both upper/ lower body 40 minutes

Saturday- Run 4 miles

Sunday- Off day


Elliptical: There are so many different workouts you can do on this machine. You can do circuits to build up your heart rate or just go at a steady pace for longer to increase your endurance. You can look up many types of workouts for the elliptical, I usually look on Pinterest for mine! I do more treadmill workouts but I try and switch it up and elliptical once a week to give my legs a break from the pounding. 

Treadmill: I like to run 4 miles at least twice a week. I would prefer to run outside in the fresh air but obviously here in MN winters (when it's -10 outside) its not going to happen. Two of my favorite treadmill sprint workouts are below... (Side note- I always have the treadmill at an incline of 1.5...that way your using more muscles and burning more calories and it's better for you shins.)

*10-20 minutes: Walk for one minute at fast pace (about 4.0). Increase speed to 10-10.5 and sprint for 30 seconds and then walk again. for 45 seconds-1 minute, repeat. 

*20-30 minutes: walk for 45 seconds, fast jog for one minute at 7-7.3, walk 45 seconds, faster jog at 8-8.3, walk 45 seconds, sprint at 9.3 for 30 seconds, walk. Repeat 4-5 times through .

* Check Pinterest or google for more great treadmill workouts...they have a lot of good walking at an incline ones that work the booty (especially if your not a fan of running).

Stair stepper: I usually warm up on the stair stepper a couple times a week. I might do this for 10 minutes and then do 10 minutes on the treadmill doing a sprint workout. Then after doing those I'd go lift for half hour, either upper or lower body, then call it a day (done with your workout within an hour!).  

*I've never been a huge fan of machine workouts. I think body weight, dumbbell, and bar workouts are more effective and are better for injury prevention.

Below are a few workouts that I try and incorporate in my lifting routine. I switch it up weekly but these are just a few of my fav lifts. I attached videos/ pictures to show examples of how to do each one. I usually do each workout 3 sets and 10-12 times! So for instance if it's arm day I would pick maybe 4 arm workouts that I'm going to do. Then I would start with two and do 3 sets each with maybe planks in between each set and then I would do my final two arm workouts (so not all 4 at the same time..thats just how I like to do it). 



-Side arm raises ( You can either do a set of front raises and then switch to side raises or do alternating like this video.)

-Front raises




Bicep curls ( So many variations of curls...barbell curl, hammer curls, lateral curl, etc.) 





Elevated bicep curls





Dumbbell upright rows






Dumbbell overhead press 








Skull Crushers






Tricep extension






Tricep Dips






Tricep kick backs






TRX Tricep extensions ( These make my triceps sore everytime I do them!)





Bent over reverse flys







Wide squats  ( You can use weight and do regular wide squats or I like to go on my toes and do pulses.)







Wall squats






Hip raises 











Walking lunges





Reverse lunges ( You can do walking lunges, elevated lunges..there are so many variations, so switch it up!) 





Side lunges (Got these from Carrie Underwood--because who doesn't love her legs?:)







Leg kick backs ( I usually put a 5lb weight under my knee to add more weight.)





Jump Squats ( Go faster for more of a cardio circuit or get your butt lower on the way down to work the gluten more.)





Single Leg RDL





Stability hamstring pull ins






Dumbell RDL ( I usually do 35lbs per leg.. but start at a weight you can manage and work your way up.)




Lunge touch back (You can do it without the support from the weights.) 






Plank Variations





Russian Twists 






Ball plank roll outs




Like I said before these are just some of my favorite workouts. There are so many out there and I love to switch it up a lot and learn other lifts. Just be sure to watch videos or read about the correct form so you don't hurt yourself and are using the muscles that are supposed to be working! I hope you all can get something out of this post and learn some new upper and lower body workouts. In the next few weeks I'm going to do a post about my nutrition and some workout clothes that I like!