MRS T's fav spot's to shop

I'll start by saying that fashion and shopping have never been much of an interest to me. Growing up I hated going shopping with my mom and would get so bored/impatient whenever we went. I definitely would have to say I considered myself a tom girl...especially having two older brothers and being involved with sports. As I have grown up and especially the last few years I have gotten more into shopping, especially online shopping (so much easier when you have kids). Going to the mall for a couple hours only to find a few things or maybe nothing at all drives me crazy! I'd rather order clothes, try them on in the comfort of my home in my own time and then return any of the clothing items I don't want/don't fit. Now I am not the most knowledgable in the fashion world, but it's been fun over the past couple years finding stores that I enjoy shopping at and finding outfits that you actually love to wear. To be honest I would wear yoga pants and sweatshirts everyday and to every event if that were an option (I wear that everyday unless we have a date night or some event);) 

Anyways I wanted to share a little background about my fashion life before I share some of these stores along with pictures of me (in real life settings) in some of my favorite outfits. Maybe you can find a new store or two to online shop when the kids are napping, (wink wink!) or get a new dress or outfit from reading this post..enjoy:)

Show me your Mumu-

Love love love this site! I have gotten the cutest dresses, tops, and jewelry from here. I actually just went on the site to copy it for you guys and got stuck scrolling half the site for almost an hour...whoops lol:) Prices vary but most of the dresses I have gotten from here are around $100-200. They seem to be good quality dresses with good material...they will definitely be worn again! 

Revolve -

I do a lot of my online shopping at Revolve. They have swim cover ups, hats, sunglasses, shoes, dresses, shirts, and everything else you'd need. Some things are designer and can be a bit pricey but you can type in your price range and those items will pull up. We have had quite a few trips this offseason so it was nice to find clothing items I was looking for off this site. This is an online only store but don't let that stop you from shopping because they offer free returns/exchanges :)

Nordstrom -

I get a lot of my clothing and especially shoes from Nordstrom/ Nordstrom rack (they have a NR in Woodbury which is awesome!). I get a lot of cute dresses, shirts, bomber jackets, and sweaters from here. If you have a budget your sticking to, that's ok because you can get cute clothes/ accesories in a variety of prices. I do a lot of my shopping online and then am lucky enough to do my returns at Nordstrom Rack (I didn't even know NR took Nordstrom returns until this year..but it's awesome!) instead of driving to MOA. I get most of my cute booties and sandals/wedges from here as well. Some of you have asked about my Timberland shoes in the last pic, which I love by the way...and those are from Nordstrom:) It doesn't look like they have that exact same pair on their website at this time but these are similar ones! 

Adidas - 

I recently just switched most of my workout gear/ casual gear from Nike to Adidas. Yes, Adam has a deal with Adidas now instead of Nike so that is one reason but I also just really like the gear that much more (FYI most NFL players have a deal with some company..Adidas, Nike, Under armor, etc). They have so many more options now days and I absolutely love their shoes (especially for running). The Ultraboost ones are so light on my feet when running. I really like the Adidas original shoes too for a more casual everyday sneaker! The little kids outfits are sooo adorable. Asher has about 10 little sweatsuits from there and they are so cute and comfy. It also make's dressing him a breeze because it comes in a set!

Lululemon -

Ok so I know some people think expensive when they think Lululemon...and yes I would agree some of their stuff is on the spendy side but to me spending a little extra money on good quality is worth it. I have a couple pairs of leggings, tank tops, and short/skirts from here. The leggings from here are my absolutely favorite leggings I have ever tried (and I've tried a lot of different brands). Whether I'm doing yoga, running, or lifting they have a pair for me. They stay up, they don't slide off my legs, and they repel all my sweat (I do sweat a lot lol;). The skirts (I have a black and white one as you can see in my pics) are sooo cute and comfy..the perfect summer addition! 

Express -

I'm sure you've all heard of this store! It is one of my top shopping locations. I have a bunch of clothes from Express including sweaters, jeans, jean shorts, and jackets. Pretty much all my jeans that I wear are from Express...and it's awesome because they seem to always be having deals on jeans (and a lot of their clothing) like buy one get one half off or some percentage off! I shop in store and online (luckily there's one close so I can just return what doesn't fit/ I don't like). 

Charming Charlie -

I haven't shopped here for while but when I do I'm always in luck and come out with a few items:) I love their cute sweaters and you can tell from my pictures below. I have also gotten quite a few jewelry pieces from here and I love how they have everything separated by color in their store (super nice if you need a specific color for an outfit/dress)! You can shop online (their website looks like its being updated at the moment) and they usually have stores in many locations. 

Aiden & Oak -

This store has the best shirts/ sweatshirts. The picture on the right shows me wearing one of my favorite sweatshirts that I own. They have such awesome patterns, like this army cute is that?! I have a couple different shirts from here that are casual but you could also dress them up. All of the items I have received are also very comfortable and at a great price. Check out their site!

Leela & Lavender -

They have the cutest outfits at the most reasonable price! The outfit with the army type jacket and my whole outfit on the far right is from Leela & Lavender. The booties and shoes they have on their website are so adorable. If you live in Fargo, ND or close go check out their boutique, otherwise you can shop online like I do! Separate post coming soon on all my outfits from here:)

Lulus, Francessca's

I haven't shopped at either of these recently but anytime I'm at the mall I usually stop at Francesca's (dress on the far right is from there). And when I need a cute dress or two I look online at Lulu's (the maroon and blue dress pictured on the left). Pricing at both stores are very reasonable. They both carry cute accessories that I often shop for as well. 

Pumpz - 

I recently just found this store and love it! It is located in the Edina Galleria...or they have a website you can shop on. These sunglasses, both shoes, and earrings are from here. The rain boots in the picture on the right are stylish and sooo comfy (I think they are way comfier than Hunter rain boots) and they are only sold at Pumpz. They have a wide variety of items from shoes, to accessories, to super cute jackets..all in a variety of prices. The Chamonix Victoire bell sleeve jacket in green is one of my fav''s only sold in their store and it is a little on the expensive side...SO worth it thought! Some items are designer (like the green jacket) so some things are definitely more spendy but I'm sure you could find something in your price range or get something as a treat for yourself:) I am partnering with Pumpz so I am excited to show you more fashion items on Instagram in the next couple months!

Bare Necessities/ Nordstrom -

These two places are where I've had my best luck recently when shopping swim wear. In the first three pictures I am wearing suits from Bare necessities. The black swim top is very supportive and comfortable. They have a wide variety of swim wear and I love their cute high waisted suites too! I found the right swim top online at Nordstrom. It is such a fun/colorful two- piece halter top that anyone would feel good in! Surprisingly Nordstrom sells more swimwear than I thought..and a lot of it is super cute! 

Live Love Gameday, 500 Level, Pretty Rebels -

I love all three of these stores so much for gameday attire! I am wearing Live Love Gameday gear in the first three pics! They have gear for every sport and I love their fun holiday shirts around Christmas time. The next two pictures show me in my Adam Thielen 500 Level gear. No matter who your favorite player is they have the gear to support them! In the last two pics I am wearing my Stacked Collection/Pretty Rebels jean jacket. It's so cute and you can do custom orders which is so great! 


I also recently purchased a few clothing items from these two online shopping spots below! My items haven't came yet so I don't have pictures of me in them but I attached pictures below of a few clothing item's that I think are cute! 


I hope the shirts fit ok because I bought like 4 graphic tee's from here! They are so cute and I love the sayings on them:) Also, everything is super reasonably priced...none of the shirts I bought were more then $20 bucks! They have cute boyfriend jeans and it looks like they have some accessories as well.  


I just found this site via social media. I bought a couple shirts from here so hopefully I like them! They have a lot to shop on their website (it could take you a couple hours scrolling through:). The have really cute going out tops, dresses, rompers, accessories, and seems like they are always adding new clothes too. I know they don't do refunds but they do give you store credit if you have to return anything. This was my first time purchasing so if I like the clothing I'm sure I will be ordering from here again!


I hope you all enjoyed finding out my fav spots to shop:) Everyone have a blessed and safe week!