Leela & Lavender

Leela & Lavender is a fashion and gift boutique located in Fargo, ND. I recently partnered with them and have loved receiving some of their clothing. What really drew me to them was their motto, which is about helping women discover their best self! They believe in sharing, empowering, and inspiring uniqueness and confidence in all women. I love that and truly believe that all women should feel their best, especially when trying on clothing. I think Leela & Lavender does a great job of helping women feel confident in their own skin.

They have a wide variety of clothing options/gifts in any price range you're looking for. They carry everything from dresses, to jewelry, shoes, and the cutest jackets! If you live in the area of this boutique I think you should stop in and check it out. If you don't live very close like me, that's ok because they have a wonderful website that you can do all of your shopping on, https://www.leelaandlavender.com. They have quick and easy shipping and if you spend over $50 (which is easy to do), shipping is free! If you are not happy with the items you received or they are the wrong size that's ok because you can return them within 30 days.

I thought I would share some pictures of me in some of the outfits below:)

*The jacket and shoes are both from Leela & Lavender and I've worn them both multiple times already. The jacket is so cute and comfy and goes with almost anything. These shoes are a tan/brownish type color and they are the perfect little booties to go with any outfit. 

*Love love love this black floral shirt. I have also worn this a few times already for different occasions. You can definitely dress it up or down. I wear a black camisole underneath, which is also from Leela :)

*This navy blue sweater is so comfy! I love the details of the lines on the front and back. You could wear this shirt with jeans to dress it up more for a night out or wear it with yoga pants to lounge around at home. 

*This whole outfit is from Leela & Lavender. I am obsessed with this sweater and leggings. The sweater is nice and flowy and the bell sleeves are adorable. l also love the legging and it has such cute detail on the sides. These are the same cute booties from the picture above. 

*This top is everything and it's the perfect addition for Spring! It's so cute and flowy and I love the print on it. These shoes are also from Leela & Lavender and I love that they go with almost anything. 


*This black dress is sooo adorable. The bell sleeves are perfect and really add to the dress. It's the perfect length, comfortable, and flowy but also super flattering. I wore it out for date night with Adam and got a few compliments on it:) Shop this dress online here...super cute in navy too.

*These cut off jean shorts and this black T-shirt are the perfect addition for summer...whenever that may come;) Everyone needs one or two comfy black t shirts that you can dress up or down! These shorts are very comfortable and I love the length...not too short but not too baggy/ long either. 

*I recently just got these two pairs of yoga pants. I love the white ones with the flowered pattern...perfect for Spring! They are very comfortable and they are the perfect legging to wear to the gym or just to run around and do errands in.

*Be sure to check out their cute accessories too! This blue mug ("Before Kids I called it the bathroom, now I call it the break room) describes my life lol and these bracelets with the sayings on them are so cute. The two that I have say blessed and forever family.

I love Leela & Lavender and I hope you guys check out their website or stop in the store. I've loved partnering with them and they have been awesome to work with and I'm so glad I did it because through it I found one of my fav spots to do my online shopping! They really do have anything and everything your looking for...and with great quality and for a great price:)