10 random facts about MRS T


So I started this blogging thing, yes to share more about our family/mom life but also to share about me in general. Sometimes I feel like my identity can get "lost" in my husbands fame and this blog is a great way for me to have my own fun "thing" outside of everything else. I also love how I can share things from my perspective!!! Not my husbands, not my friends or family but mine! So since this is only my second post I thought it would be fun to share some more about me, Caitlin! Here are 10 random facts about me and my life, enjoy:)


1.) My top 5 favorite foods are buffalo wings, (Adam and I are obsessed) pizza, popcorn, frozen grapes, and tacos. There are so many more to list but that would take all day:)

2.) I buy so much off of Amazon, I literally get probably 3 drop offs a week (Adam thinks I'm crazy haha). Anything from baby stuff to Kind bars you can count on Amazon! 


3.) I'm addicted to working out (mainly so I can eat sweets, I do have a big sweet tooth). The main reason is because it makes me feel good, and it is a huge stress reliever of mine! I usually workout 6 out of 7 days (game days= Sundays are off). At the gym I enjoy jogging, doing sprint intervals, weight training, or yoga classes. I like to switch up my workouts and not do the same thing everyday.

4.) Super random but I watch Cupcake Wars every time I do my 4 mile run (which is usually 2-3x a week) ...so weird I know (unless I'm running outside of course)! If not Cupcake Wars I either watch Fixer Upper or 4 Weddings (lol). It just helps the time go by faster! 

5.) I have about 5 shows that I watch religiously (yes, Teen Mom is one of them ahh no shame here!) The Bachelor/Bachelorette, Lucifer, The Challenge, This is Us, The Middle, American Housewives..the list really does go on. 

6.)  I sleep with a retainer every night. I have a permanent one on the bottom but I've continued to wear my top one every night since I was like 14...unlike my husband, naughty naughty! (no wonder why his teeth have shifted a little;))

7.) One of my favorite things to do that makes me  happy is worshipping at Church with my family, whether we go Saturday afternoon or Sunday. It's just so awesome to be there together, singing and holding hands with my husband (a real feel good setting). Plus the music is outstanding every weekend (shoutout Crossroads Church)!

8.) My favorite all time movie is Grease. I grew up dancing to it and knowing every single word to every song. Some of my other top favorite movies include, How to Lose a Guy in 10 days, Sweet Home Alabama, Kicking and Screaming (pretty much all Will Ferrel movies), and so many more. Since Christmas is my all time favorite holiday I think you should know that The Grinch is my favorite holiday movie! 

9.) Children have always been a big passion of mine. Growing up I nannied/babysat quite often and loved it! I'm so blessed God gave me a child of my own. I love that I am able to be with him everyday and take in every first laugh, step, and word! 

10.) I am super super competitive. Even if we are just playing a board game at home it gets heated! Adam and I are both super competitive so good luck to our kids (lol). 

OK OK one more...

11.) I was born in WI...yes for those of you asking I grew up a Packers fan. Both my parents went to UW Madison and both sides of my family are from WI. My brothers and I had no choice but to grow up Badger/Packer fans. When Adam and I first started dating it was a compettion every time the Packers/Vikings played. It's ok everyone, I cheer for the Vikings now and obviously want my hubby to win...he does support this family and all (which I am so grateful for;)) At first it was tough for me..but mostly for my family to cheer for the Vikings. Relax Viking fans, we all cheer for them now:)