The Story of MR & MRS T

First post, EXCITING!!!! I'm so excited to share some of my life with you all. With the platform I have been given I couldn't think of a better way to answer many of your questions, share about my faith and also life adventures.  Lately, a few people have been asking how Adam and I met this first post I'm going to start off with that:) 

Adam and I met through a mutual friend back in 2011. Out of high school I had gotten a full ride to play Division 1 soccer at Iowa State University. Adam went to school and played football at Minnesota State University (Mankato). During summer break, my friend (who played soccer at Mankato) told me there is this guy (Adam) she thinks I should date. She started showing me pictures and telling me all about him. I was not very she told me he was a bit of a partier (which I wasn't a big fan of)--typical football guy right?! And with us being at different schools theres no way we could even start a relationship. She told Adam about me too and he started messaging me on Facebook and eventually got my number. I went back to Iowa and we'd text here and there but nothing came of it. Adam was very persistent and I could tell he really liked me because he had never stopped talking to me (even though we hadn't officially met yet). 

The fall of 2011 we finally met in person for the first time. Adam was visiting his friend at the U of M who lived in a frat and I was over at the U that night with a couple of my friends (one of them being the girl who introduced us via social media). We met Adam at the frat. He was very nice and seemed like a good guy. I am pretty shy so I didn't give him too much attention. It was great to finally meet the guy I'd been texting all this time. Adam must have really liked what he'd seen because I'll never forget the super sweet text I received from him after we met:) After that night we still talked often but we were nothing more then friends. I remember one time he called me with his buddy from DL (Detroit Lakes) and told me he liked me a lot and he would tell all his friends he was gonna marry me (which I thought was creepy at the time). Spring of my Sophomore year (2012) I actually ended up transferring to Mankato (due to soccer reasons). So now here we are..Adam and I at the same school, who would have thought! I still didn't give him a chance that spring/summer, he would even ask me to go to church with him just so we could hang out (he was just trying to win me over anyway he could haha) . We'd see each other at parties/in the training room at times but otherwise nothing.

That fall when Adam and I both came back to school in early August for our football/soccer training camps, I finally decided to give him a chance and hung out with him . I, of course brought a friend with because I'm shy like that lol. But it was awesome. Once I actually sat down and talked to Adam I realized he was so down to earth and had such similar morals/values as me. So thats when it all started. We dated for about two years, got engaged and then in 2015 we got married. And now here we are today (2017) with our 1 year old boy, Asher who we couldn't love more. Adam and I have gone through so much together...from finding our faith and love for god, to me tearing my ACL in Spring soccer, to Adam trying out for the football regional combine and actually ending up on the Vikings. Its been a wild ride and only God could have put us together to be here for each other through it all and be best friends who always have each others back! We are so blessed that we are still here in Minnesota where we both grew up, now raising our family. Adam's dream of being an NFL player is a reality (5th year on the Vikings already, so crazy!!!) and I getting to have my dream job of being a stay at home mom, just trying to be the best wife/mother I can be every day. We are definitely not a perfect family and we've had ups and downs in our relationship just like everyone else. But through it all, we have stayed humble through our faith, wonderful family/friends, and because we are each others rock each and every day. Through it all we are and always will be team THIELEN! I look forward to sharing SO much more about our family with you all.