Random Questions:)

Mom life

How has the transition been from one to two children? How do you feel? How has Asher been/acted? How is Asher & Hudson’s relationship?

Right away is was pretty difficult. Over the last few months I feel like I’ve finally (kind of) gotten the hang of things. Now that Asher is in half day pre school twice a week it’s easier to get things done and I’ve been enjoying my alone time with Hudson..like I had when Asher was this young. Asher loves his little brother (most the time). He will hug him and kiss him, although I have to tell him to be careful a lot because Asher will full blown tackle him sometimes lol! Hudson likes to play with Asher’s toys and he does not like when Hudson plays with his things. I have to remind Asher often that Hudson is still a baby and that he has to be very careful and gentle with him!

What are some of your favorite baby products since becoming a mother of two? double stroller, swing, made life easier or what I wish I would have had first time around

The Uppa baby double stroller has been awesome with both boys! Honestly there are not too many things that stands out besides the stroller that you would NEED to have for a second baby. The basics… a walker, bumbo seat, play mat, teethers, etc are all important to have!

What are your tips for traveling with a baby?

Bring lots of snacks, an iPad, window stickers, and download any games/learning apps on your phone or iPad. If your baby still nurses I suggest trying to feed them on takeoff if the timing works out, otherwise I’m a big fans of pacifiers to help soothe. Babies may fall asleep easier with the humming of the plane (Hudson loved it).

Do you want another baby? How many more?

Right now a third child is not really in our talks. I’ve always wanted 3 or 4 kids but two has been a game changer and a lot tougher..and just life in general at the moment. Honestly I forgot how hard the first 3/4 months of newborn life is but now with Hudson being older it’s gotten a little easier (mostly because we are all getting more sleep haha). I think at this stage in our lives and with how crazy and busy life is we plan on waiting to have a third. If we decide to have another baby it wouldn’t be for a couple years (at least as of now:).

Favorite part of being a mom?

So many things. I’ve always wanted to be a mom and am so thankful and grateful God has allowed me to raise two beautiful and loving boys. I love playing sports with them, snuggling with them, wrestling, reading books at bedtime, taking them to the zoo, and other fun activities. I love watching them both grow and seeing them learn new things, and develop their personalities. I love to pray with them and try and talk about God and how lucky we are daily. Staying home with them and getting to see every milestone is amazing and I am lucky I get to do so. Every day is not a breeze, especially with an almost 3 year old and very active baby, and it’s a lot of work (I don’t think I’ve had this many headaches in my life lol) but I wouldn’t change it for the world!!!

Football season

What’s your favorite thing about home Viking’s games?

Bringing the boys to see their dad play is pretty special. Home games are chaotic at times and sometimes I secretly like away games just for the fact that I don’t have to get the kids and myself ready for games and the stress of planning around naps, etc. It’s so special that we have children during this time of life and I hope they remember some of these moments when they are older…and if they don’t that is why I take so many photos haha! Home and away games (well football season in general) brings anxiety and stress to me. This is my husband, yes he’s a professional football player but his safety is number 1 every weekend. If he comes out of a game healthy, that's a win in my book and for most of the other wives/significant others.

How does traveling work for away football games?

Significant others/ wives and other family members have to plan away games by themselves. We can buy tickets through the Vikings for those games but travel, hotel, food, etc are planned by ourselves. I think that is why I don’t go to too many away games (I try to do 2/3 a season) because it’s a lot of planning, and now with two kids it can be more relaxing just staying home to watch the games. Adam/ the team flies back right after games so it’s nice to be home when he get’s home (with pizza ready of course;). However, I do like to be at away games to cheer loud and just in case something happens, such as an injury (praying not) or anything like that. Just to be there and make sure I can see Adam on the sidelines and make sure he is ok in person. On TV they don’t usually show an injured guy a lot so I am frantic when that happens because I want to make sure he’s ok.

Biggest challenge with being in the spotlight and keeping your faith strong?

Ugh so many! I know that the Devil comes after all of us on a daily basis but I feel like he is extremely after me and our family because of the platform we are on. Injuries, temptations, keeping your mind on God and not worldly/football things 24/7 are all acts from the Devil trying to get to us. By staying in God’s word, going to church, praying together as a family, staying down to earth, and not getting wrapped up in this lifestyle all really helps keep us grounded. Football is only a short time and this period of life we are in will end soon. Faith, family, and THEN football comes last. Because in a few short years football might not be around for Adam and our family. So whatever comes after that we will be fine with because we have God and our family and that is the most important thing.

Does Asher ask for Adam a lot when Adam is gone during the season?

Adam isn’t gone as often as people think. Away game weekend’s he is gone Saturday and Sunday! Otherwise most weekdays he’s gone 6am to 5 or so! Asher is starting to understand a bit why daddy travels and that he will be back after his game. It is tough with the unique schedule Adam has because he is around so much for those couple off season months in the Spring compared to during football season. When Adam is home and around during the season, besides being mentally and physically drained, he does an amazing job at playing with the boys and helping out when he can. Asher loves family wrestle nights, which happen most nights at our house:)

Are you close with other wives/families of the team?

Yes! We have met some of our closest friends in the NFL over the years. Through the team and women’s bible study we have met some great people we connect with. Many of us girls also try and get together to watch some of the away games. It’s fun when I can connect with some of the other moms on the team who are going through the same season of life and also know how hard it can be, especially being in the unique position we are all in. We sometime’s have get together’s at someone’s house or meet for playdates. Every year there is a team Halloween party, which is SO fun, and there is also a Vikings holiday party for all the staff and their families. It’s fun to have these events and meet more families and wives on the team who may be new.


Favorite date night locations for you and Adam?

We love any sporting event (Twins, Timberwolves), concerts, movies (the Alamo in Woodbury is an awesome theater), bowling/arcades or just a nice peaceful dinner. In Minneapolis we love Murrays for a great steak, Capital Grill, and Rock Bottom Brewery (they have the best nachos). We also love Crave, Redstone, The Tavern Grill, and Wildfire.


Pre and post workout food? big meal before or snack?

I usually workout 6 times a week around 9/9:30 every morning! As most of you know, working out is a huge passion/stress reliever of mine and I feel so much better and rejuvenated afterwards. Pre workout I usually have a cup of coffee and a energy ball (can be found under recipes) or two, so nothing too heavy. Post workout I have my Isagenix meal replacement shake with includes dynamic fruits and greens, (mocha flavored—you can buy the containers at Lifetime) a banana, ice and almond milk. It’s perfect post workout because the shakes have enough nutrients for my mid morning meal, plus contains a lot of protein, which is great post workout.

Are you from MN like Adam is? How did you guys meet?

I have lived in MN pretty much my whole life. I was born in Appleton, WI and then we lived in Philidelphia for a few years. I grew up in Woodbury so MN is home to me. We met through a mutual friend while I was playing soccer at Iowa State and Adam was playing football at Mankato. We were friends for a few years before dating (I wasn’t into him;). You can read more of our story and how we met/ended up marrying on one of my first blog posts, The Story of MR and MRS T (under family life).

Me time

What do you like to do when Adam is away and the boys are sleeping and you finally have time to yourself?

Eat snacks and watch scary and predictable Lifetime movies in bed lol..(or a Dateline episode, even though I shouldn’t when I’m alone)! Boring, but honestly these are some of my favorite nights when everyone is asleep and Adam is gone…or if Adam’s watching MNF and I don’t want to ;) I am a big homebody. I love some of the events we get to go to but most nights I’d rather be at home with the fam.

Favorite clothing brand?

I have been obsessed with Evereve lately. They have many clothing brands and a variety of prices. I also order clothes online from Nordstrom, Vici Dolls, Revolve, and a lot of my Vikings gear off of Fanatics, Etsy, and Fangirl.

Who is someone you look up to?

My role models growing up were Mia Hamm and Brett Favre. I was a soccer player so I loved the leader and player Mia was. I also thought Brett was one of the best leaders and QB’s ever. I wrote papers on both of them in school:) Now that I am older, I’d have to say I really look up to my mom. She is such a kind, faithful, sweet, and loving person. She stayed at home with all three of us so I give her a lot of props for handling the wife/mom life.

How do you balance the boys, Adam’s career and still make time for yourself?

Being a SAHM can be tough…and yes I know it’s not easy for working moms either! It is mentally/ physically exhausting. What helps me unwind is getting a sitter…or grandma/grandpa to help out once a week or so. Getting away, even for only a couple hours to rejuvenate is so important for us moms/dads. Go for a walk by yourself, get your grocery shopping done in quiet, or treat yourself to a pedicure. It really does help me be a better, more refreshed mom and wife when I am home.

I am always open to questions, so never be afraid to ask. Keeping searching for JOY everyday and spreading your light to others!