Life lately

Hey you guys! So it's been awhile since I've posted anything on my blog. Life has been busy lately...a good busy but busy...from morning sickness to off season traveling and just the business of everyday life. Since it's now almost officially August ahhh where has the summer gone!!! I thought I'd catch you up on what's been happening in our life lately. 


Most of you probably saw but...Adam and I are soooo happy the news is finally out and that we can share with everyone that our family will be welcoming baby number 2 sometime in the New Year (early January..maybe even a New Years baby?;). What a blessing from God!!!! We cannot wait to add another member to our family and give even more love to another beautiful child. In this post I'm going to share a little bit about how we found out we were pregnant and catch you up on some of the trips we've taken this offseason. I can't even believe it but off season is practically over...Adam starts his 6th training camp with the Vikings on FRIDAY?!? Definitely bitter sweet...we are excited for football season to return but that means getting back in the swing of it. Off season goes way too fast!

Adam and I have both been ready to add to our family since about last winter but we were trying to wait for the right time (if that's even a thing when your talking about getting pregnant lol). We decided to wait until April to start trying. That way if we got pregnant right away we'd have the child towards the end of football season and if it took a few months, then even better during the offseason. God willing it happened right away again just like with Asher. We were a little shocked how quick it happened but so thrilled and thankful to the good Lord. The new baby's due date is January 11th so depending on how far Adam and the Vikings make it, it could be tough timing (playoffs- we obviously hope he's still playing). It's definitely harder having a baby during the heat of the football season, especially with Adam being so busy and so emotional, mentally, and physically drained. As long as Adam makes it to the delivery room I will be happy. So please be praying that I do not have this baby during a Sunday afternoon game:) We are so pumped and excited to welcome baby #2 into our growing fam and we can't wait to see Asher become a big brother. He's so loving even to random strangers so I can only picture how he'll be with his new sibling. I'm nervous on how to handle two crazy kids but I know a lot of you mommas do it and with even more kids... so I know I can do it too! Any advice on handling two would be greatly appreciated:) Some days are so hard even just with Asher but it helps when I actually stop and breath and remind myself how awesome and lucky I am to be able to stay home with my kids and watch them grow!

This off season has been busy from different activities, to traveling, and spending time with family. We traveled to LA and back in one day for an Adidas shoot that Adam had...would not recommend bringing a 1 1/2 year old with to something like that, lol. We also had my whole family in town for a surprise retirement party for my dad. It was so fun having my two brothers, their wives and my little niece home...even if it was just for a weekend. Adam was also invited to play in a State Farm Showdown golf tournament hosted by Aaron Rodgers this off season. Just Adam and I flew out to Connecticut for two days. That was a really cool event where about 7 NFL players played against 7 NBA players...NFL won of course. We then flew from there to Detroit Lakes (Adam's hometown). We spent about 5 days there with Adam's whole family, which was a lot of fun. His two older sisters and there kids were there so Asher had a blast playing in the lake and enjoying the outdoors! We then were home for about 6 days and just got back a couple weeks ago from Lake Tahoe. This was Adam's second year playing in the ACC celebrity golf championship and we just love going there. Adam and I just went by ourselves for 6 days. Asher stayed with my parents for half the days and Adam's sister and nephews for a couple days as well. It was important for Adam and I to get away just us two before the crazy football starts (it was also our baby moon since we won't have time to take one during the season;). We had a was a lot of walking, a lot of eating (especially for this pregnant girl), and a lot of creeping on celebrities by me haha!

We now have just a few more days until training camp starts for Adam and then our family is on football season lock down for about 6 months. It was so fun traveling and doing so many fun things this off season as a family. Our family loves football season but it can be a grind at times...I am praying for a healthy and great season for our guys! I hope you all have had and continue to have a great summer!