Becoming a family of 3

Since I have already shared Adam and I's story of how we met and fell in love it only seems fair to now share a little about welcoming Asher John to the world. It seems like so long ago that I was pregnant but I am excited to share our journey to parenthood with you! 

Adam and I had gotten married in May of 2015. We both were eager to start a family shortly after but we thought we should wait at least a year to start trying and just enjoy being newlyweds. Well that didn't last...especially with an antsy husband who reallyyyy wanted a baby lol. So January of 2016, about 8 months after we married we found out we were pregnant. As soon as we started trying, we got pregnant right away. I thought it would at least take a couple of months so I really didn't anticipate it happening so quickly, but God willing it did. I know for many it doesn't happen that fast or easily so yes, we were very blessed that it happened so easily. The 9 months flew bye...well kind of, kind of not! It was nice because Adam was in the off season for most of my pregnancy so we could enjoy our time together before the little guy came. Luckily I felt great through all 3 trimesters, besides getting sick once, and feeling extra tired 3rd trimester like most women do. I was lucky enough to stay very active throughout and I feel strongl that is what helped me bounce back so quickly after having Asher. 

We had a gender reveal party around 18 weeks and we were so pumped when we found out it was a boy. I called boy right from the get go, and Adam guessed it was a girl...but obviously he was super excited to find out it was a boy ( I have two older brothers so I thought having a boy first was great)!

Love this song!

The crazies thing happened that summer when we saw the schedule for Adams 2016/17 football season. Asher's due date fell on his bye week!!! We were shocked and so happy at the same time. So October came and Adam had one of his best games on Sunday October 9th, the day before I was supposed to be induced (I was far enough along/dilated to get induced). My original due date was the 13th but we wanted to do it as early as we could in the bye week so Adam would be home while he had off. My doctor had always told us (jokingly) that there is no way we wouldn't get in on the day we were scheduled to be induced, unless there was a busload of pregnant women going into labor that day. Well that seemed to happen the morning of October 10th, the day I was to be induced. I had to call at 5:30am that morning to make sure we were good to go. Adam and I were both awake, showered and ready to go. When I called we found out there were too many women in labor that morning so they couldn't fit me in. Adam and I laid in bed for awhile, slightly disappointed that we would have to wait another whole day before meeting our little guy, and then we decided to go grab some breakfast. When we came home from breakfast around 10 we took naps and watched a movie. I got up to go to the bathroom (around noon) and my water broke! So then we really did need to go to the hospital. We always said, God wanted us to have our little boy that day (especially how everything was playing out)! I did not have any contractions or anything even after my water broke.

We did a lot of sitting around that afternoon/evening. Adam was just enjoying life, eating a burger and watching MNF...yes slightly annoying me because there I was, "dying" of pain (lol he did try his best to help me in any way he could). So after sitting around, getting pitocine, going through the "hard" contractions/pain, epidural, about 9 hours of labor, and all that fun stuff our little guy arrived on October 11th at 1:20am.  I'm not going to go through every little detail of that afternoon/evening because that is personal to me and my family (plus a lot of it would bore you...or just gross you out)! It was the best day of our lives by far. I don't think I had any idea how hard giving birth would actually be but it was the greatest, most amazing thing in the world. If you don't believe in the good Lord after having children I don't know what will make you believe. It truly is all in HIS doing. Adam and I are so unbelievably thankful to God for giving us the most amazing gift of a child. We have enjoyed parenthood so much thus far. Although the first 3/4 months were very difficult. I'm not going to sugar coat it and say it was the easiest time. With my hormones and emotions being all over the place, getting no sleep, and just plain old having to adjust to taking care of another human being 24/7. It was tough on Adam and I's relationship (mostly because I was crabby a lot and took it out on him lol). It was also hard because Asher was born during the crazy football season so that in general is just a busy time for us. But we got through it and now I barely even remember those sleepless nights. 

This first year of Asher's life has flown by wayyyy too fast and he has grown into such a sweet, and fun loving boy. He loves to give hugs (especially to his stuffed animals). He loves Elmo, Mickey Mouse, any ball (especially basketballs and footballs), dancing, eating (who doesn't), doing touchdown arms, clapping, and so many other things.

                                         Yes, this is a cake!!!

                                         Yes, this is a cake!!!

Here are some pictures from Asher's first birthday party almost two months ago now. The theme was football, of course (what else would it be during daddy's football season). He had the most amazing Hy Vee stadium cake and mini football smash cake. Many family members came and Adam and I's close friends. It was so great having all these people there to celebrate year one of Asher's life. He is so lucky to have such amazing people in his life, to guide him and help him grow to be the best person he can be. Parenthood has taught Adam and I many things over this last year. Patience is a huge one. I've never had much patience...and same with Adam, which really needs to change when you have children. You can't just think about yourself anymore. You have to take care of someone else before your own needs. I know many people say that motherhood is one of the toughest, yet most rewarding jobs...and I truly believe that now!  I love our little family and wouldn't trade my boys for the world. We love each other so much and most importantly love spending time with one another. It's so fun to watch our family grow and go through all the ups and downs of life together. I can't wait to create many more great memories and hopefully watch our family grow in these next years. Life really does goes by too fast, so my goal now and in the future is to really try and slow down and enjoy each and every little step of the way because, these day go bye:)